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Yankee & Dixie Politics Across America…

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Dixie and I desire to travel, talk about history and politics, and learn from various cultures!  Hence, our dream was to buy an airstream trailer and travel throughout America if we both had remained alone and single!  Therefore, together we came up with a big idea to visit an actual Airstream dealer (“silver bullet”) in Minnesota.  So when Dixie came north to Minnesota for a vacation, we found a dealer and scoped out a trailer we both loved, which was parked inside on the show room floor, and we sat in it for hours!  We stayed there until the place closed down for the night.  The very pleasant sales lady was very enthused to have us there, and she gave us the impression that she was planning on making a quick and high-end sale that day.  She was talking to us about payment plans, minimum payments, and options for the sale of that particular trailer we were sitting in, our “silver bullet”

While sitting in the 18 footer, we hatched a plan to fund our fantastic idea. We created a reality show and our revolutionary approach would be cruising to small towns in America with our “silver bullet” behind us. “We will taste the local cuisine; experience the culture with an emphasis on history, politics, and the topic de jour.” While traveling in America we would challenge the locals to show us why people should visit their town. Our show would have been hard-hitting, informational, intellectual, lively, humorous, and passionate entertainment. After spending two years working on our “Pilot”, we submitted it and were rejected by some cable Network Companies.  Frustrated and discouraged, our Blog was born.

We love our blog!  It’s very new, and we have a lot of plans to make it more exciting and accessible to a lot more people…  Nevertheless, as I mentioned before, we both love to travel, and we have not given up on our dream to travel around America with our “silver bullet” behind us, while sharing with many people about the local cultures, history, and politics!

It’s our passion!  It’s our desire!

We love America…

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One Response to “Yankee & Dixie Politics Across America…”

  1. Dixie
    August 31, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    Making that “Pilot” was a lot of fun and I hope someday our idea comes to fruition. But if this economy doesn’t improve and gas prices go down (drilling for oil would do the trick) the great “silver bullet” will be extinct! Travel will cease to exist except for the most fortunate amoung us. It’s time to change the political landscape so we can travel again and view the beautiful landscape God has given America!