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Without America, There Is No Free World

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I was reading an article on Canada Free Press  when I noticed under the title was “….because without America, there is no free world”!  I started to think on how true that is.  For most Americans I believe it’s hard for them to  imagine that anything could ever bring her down.  But as I view the world today I would have to say, get your head out of your arse! There is a war going on but it’s deep, a spiritual war, a war for the soul of America and the world for that matter.

Without America during World War II, the whole world would have descended into darkness for who knows how long?  But we the people rose up and fought the good fight, and we won.  I think we are on that same precipice today.  Looking at this week’s headlines, the reason the Middle Eastern countries hate America and any western civilization is because we are free.  We, the United States of America, is standing firmly in the way against the spread of (radical) Islam.  No matter how nice we are or how much money we send them, they will never like us.

The Muslim world is rioting from London to Australia, all from a stupid video.  I thought their religion was a “religion of peace”.  Look at the news, that’s peaceful? No. No it’s not.  Killing our Ambassador in Libya, denying us access to sending extra troops in Sudan to protect our embassy there, four more soldiers killed in Afghanistan by the very police we trained.  When will this all end?  When we lead and stand for freedom and return to peace through strength.

I feel sorry for the Muslims that disapprove of the actions of the radicalized Muslims among them because they are prisoners of their own religion and cannot speak out against it.  In fact, these Muslims kill more of their own people to further their cause then they do the “infidels”.  This administration is a bunch of appeasers that take no blame for what is going on in that region.  They were quiet when the Coptic Christians were being crucified in the streets and their houses and churches burnt down during the Arab Spring, but stand in righteous anger when a Muslim is offended!

I’m just an American who loves her country.  We have the freedom of speech and I’m taking advantage of that.  The world is a dangerous place and without America, there is no free world!




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One Response to “Without America, There Is No Free World”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    September 17, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    There is no doubt in my mind that one of your statements is absolutely true, “No matter how nice we are or how much money we send them they will never like us.” They will always want to kill us! For instance, look at all the weapons and money we gave Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He only used it all against us years later in the Gulf War. The only acknowledgement we receive from extremists and fundamental dictators and countries is death from their suicide bombers. They need an excuse to carry out their fanatic behavior on any country or people with western ideologies, especially us! America is their escape goat… Would radical Muslims and their leaders do anything different? No, because they use the same insane thinking and violence to suppress and smother their own people?

    In most westernized countries, the citizens are able to speak openly about their political and religious beliefs. Thus, this freedom of expression is clearly illustrated in our U.S. Constitution’s “Bill of Rights”. However, countries that are governed by Islam fundamentalist thinking impose harsh punishments on their people. Simply, if a Muslim from one of these countries, speaks or shows any form of expression outside the boundaries of Islamic Law which is written in the Koran, he or she could possibly be imprisioned or put to death! In extremist countries which are ruled by the Koran, their laws are unbending and severe, especially for women.

    There is no place I would rather live than in America. It’s not perfect, but at least in America, I can speak up and worship my God without being persecuted and killed for my beliefs.

    America is the pillar of freedom for the world…