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We’ll Be Right Back

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In case I have never mentioned this before, I work for the Texas Legislature and we are in the last week of the 83rd Session.  This is the reason I have not been writing on a regular basis because the hours during this time is really ungodly.  We cram the state budget and any new laws or regulations into a whirlwind of 140 Days.  That’s it.

We are now on day 134.  I admit my comp hours are not near what they were last session but nonetheless, I’m sitting here at my desk on a Tuesday night at 7:30 watching the sausage being made and answering any question constituents might have when they call in.  And call in they do!

That leads me to tell you that I will have to drop out for the next couple of weeks….my mind cannot handle the crazy Texas Legislature along with the scandalous Obama Administration and have any hope of keeping my sanity.  I’ll be working 10 -12 hours a day till next Monday (yes, we are working all weekend including Memorial Day) then I’ll go home and try to cook something for the lazy kid that couldn’t make themselves a sandwich!

Yankee has a death in the family so she’ll be back maybe next week.

Bye ya’ll, we’ll be back.



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