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We Want You…

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Dixie and I love debating and talking about politics, historical events, and travel adventures.  Oh, how can I forget, and we also love food…  We really want to hear from you and truly appreciate your opinions, ideas, travel destinations, and recipes.

We have a proposal for all of you, and it starts after the New Year, so you can begin posting starting Jan 1, 2013.  Dixie and I are known as the “Silver Bullet Chicks” “cruising to small towns in America with our ‘silver bullet’ behind us.  We taste the local cuisine; experience the culture with an emphasis on history, politics, and the topic de jour.”  So hear me out, I am asking you guys to submit a post about what city/town we should visit and why you think we should share it with the rest of the world?  Dixie and I have gotten over 2000 hits on our website since we started a few months back, and they are from all around the world.  We would really like to share everyone’s political, historical, and/or travel info with the world.  So if someone decides to travel to a recommended travel destination, he or she can also associate a political and/or historical event with that city/town.  Maybe you just want to share a recipe that originated from your aunt Hilda who lived in Norway.  Also share a little history or politics about the delicious dish.  Remember, Dixie and I love it!

Here is an example of a possible post.  When Dixie was up here in Yankee territory visiting me, we went to Northfield, MN.  The population in this town is approximately 20,000.  However, there is a lot of history in this town.  Did any of you know that the “Northfield Bank” was the last place Jesse James and his gang robbed?  All of them got killed, caught, or imprisoned except for Jesse and his brother.  Only those two made it back to Missouri free men.  Anyway, the time on the clock was stopped the day this terrible event occurred.  That clock is still on the wall in that bank today.  In fact, every year, the town celebrates the “Defeat of Jesse James Days” in September.  They do the bank reenactment of the raid.  It’s a lot of fun and a cute little town.  Check it out, visit Northfield, MN, in Sept, have fun, and be a part of history.

We are very eager to hear about the entire political, historical and/or adventurous trips you all have made.  Maybe the ethnic food that the locals eat in Sugar Land, TX, was phenomenal?  I don’t know about all of you, but Dixie and I want to hear about it all!

There are thousands of unique cities and towns on this earth with great historic and political information, so please share it with us and the world starting Jan 1, 2013…


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One Response to “We Want You…”

  1. Dixie
    November 28, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    Well Yankee, since I didn’t get the memo on your new idea I wasn’t sure how to respond! But here goes…..

    Yes, it’s true that our dream all along was to travel to small towns in America with a gorgeous ‘silver bullet’ behind us and rediscover the unique personalities that make up this great nation. To show the world why ‘we the people’ stand for something. That we stand for freedom and liberty and it’s worth saving. We wanted to show the East Coast and the West Coast what middle America was all about! The small towns seem to get left out of the picture when major decisions are made….like the recent elections.

    Since we are unable to come to you, you can post to us why you love living in the town you are in. Yeah, I think I’m liking this.

    So, yes, I imagine we will put together some sort of outline you can use to post the unique qualities that makes your town special. I’m not sure how this will work but maybe, just maybe, someone out there will see a great response and we can get a sponsorship and leave our cubicles to fulfill our dream!

    Whoop! Whoop! All Aboard!