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Unknown Variable

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Although I sympathize with the tragedy of those helpless animals drowning, I hardly think it is the sole fault of the zoo executives. That night’s forecast was predicted to be an inch of rain, but because man cannot truly predict the weather, EVER, that storm stayed over head for several hours and caused the flooding to all of the Duluth area.

Lake Superior Zoo has been in existence for over 90 years and is considered a local treasure for the Duluth community. When I visited their website,  http://www.lszoo.org/zoohappenings.html , they explained what happened that night and what they are doing to restore the zoo. They are reaching out to their community for help and they are getting it! Hundreds of volunteers and monetary donations have been pouring in to help restore the zoo. I believe they will accomplish their goals.

Folks, we can prepare the best we can for tragedy but there are some scenarios we just can’t predict. I have a house with a beautiful large oak tree in the front yard. Should I cut it down because there might be a chance lightening will strike it and it could fall on my house? Nah, not gonna do it!

So my point is, give the zoo owners some slack here. I’m sure they feel just as awful as the public does losing those animals. But if we demand more regulations and government inspections, you will surely lose your zoo.


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One Response to “Unknown Variable”

  1. Jon
    July 11, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    I think Duluth zoo wouldn’t to restore because they didn’t knew how to operate it.