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Three Headed Eagle

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So now that the political conventions are over, I’d like to give you a little history on our representative  form of government. The best book I’ve ever read on the principles of our Constitution comes from  “A Miracle That Changed the World, The 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen. I encourage you to read it.  In fact, it should be required reading in all our high schools.

In Part I: Structuring A New Government, Skousen lays out the Founding Fathers vision for a new nation. What I find fascinating is the way Skousen explains what the founders saw as a near perfect form of government. He shows a picture of an eagle with three heads representing the three branches of government.   The eagle’s two wings represent a different meaning.

Wing number one would represent the “problem solving wing or the wing of compassion. Those who function through this dimension of the system are sensitive to the unfulfilled needs of the people. They dream of elaborate plans to solve these problems.” Sounds like the democrat party right?

Wing number two would have the “responsibility of conserving the nation’s resources and the people’s freedom. Its function is to analyze the programs of wing #1 with two questions. First, can we afford it? Secondly, what will it do to the rights and individual freedom of the people?” Republicans? Maybe at one time but certainly not today.

If both wings do what they are assigned to do then the American Eagle will soar straight and high in strength and prosperity, greater than any civilization in the history of the world. But if either wing “goes to sleep on the job, the American eagle will drift toward anarchy or tyranny.” Pretty wild huh? I picture that eagle spinning into a nose dive!

He goes on to explain “if wing #1 becomes infatuated with the idea of solving all the problems of the nation regardless of the cost, and wing #2 fails to bring its power into play to sober the problem-solvers with a more realistic approach, the eagle will spin-off toward the left, which is tyranny. If wing #1 fails to see the problems which need solving and wing #2 becomes inflexible in its course of not solving problems simply to save money, or not disturb the status quo, then the machinery of government loses its credibility and the eagle drifts over toward the right where the people decide to take matters into their own hands.” That is anarchy.

What do you think Yankee?  Can you see our government doing what our Founding Fathers warned against? Are we spinning towards tyranny or anarchy?  At this point, I think it’s tyranny.  Our Congress has given up on their responsibility to guard the freedom of its citizens.  They work for us yet they have handed their power over to the bureaucracies who make laws or what they call “rules” to govern over us.  They are unaccountable to us.

This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Don’t you get it America?

Both parties have failed us.

Please get involved and educate yourself on what your representative and senator is voting on.  This is YOUR government.  It is your responsibility to hold them accountable.  Don’t vote someone into office because they’re  “likeable” ….as if you would ever be able to just hang out and drink a beer with them.  Vote for the person that will get the job done.  Someone that understands and believes in our Constitution.  Someone that will work for you!

We need to set those wings to soar straight again.





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One Response to “Three Headed Eagle”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    November 10, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    The analogy of the three headed eagle with the two wings sounds very simple; yet, it’s hard to uphold for long periods of time since variables change. We all know this is true because we can look at the history of anthropology. Cultures, people, and societies continually morph or adapt to their physical, financial, and spiritual environments throughout time and history. I mean, ideally, this analogy is a great concept, and I believe the Founding Fathers really believed it could work with in America’s political system. In fact, I believe it did work great for several years, but there is always someone or a group that’s trying to change or destroy what’s already functioning well. It’s human nature…

    So Dixie, yes, I do believe that America would be doing much better today, if we had followed the Founding Father’s ideology of the three headed eagle. The eagle is definitely doing a nose dive because the second wing has lost control and is not conserving the nation’s resources and the people’s freedom! The number one wing is trying to solve too many of the American peoples problems, and the church has mostly backed out of the equation! Therefore, most of the responsibility lies within government. In America’s past history, the church was accountable financial to its people in need. I truly believe we need to help the people in this country, but it’s all gotten way out of balance. We are in extreme financial debt in this country, and the bureaucracy is massive, and we continually fund too many new programs… For sure, and there is no doubt about it that we are on a downward path to destruction, so hopefully this country will be able to get back on track and improve our economic future for all Americans…

    ***Please vote Republican for this Presidential election so that both wings of the eagle will work together efficiently, and it will once again be strong and soar high above our land with dignity and honor…