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The Wheels Are Coming Off The Bus

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Fast and Furious, the Benghazi cover-up, the Obamas Justice Department gathering phone records from dozens of reporters of the Associated Press, and now a story that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups for political gains. I’m not just talking about the “Tea Party” groups either.  The IRS targeted groups that support Israel, the U.S. Constitution, and Christian groups.  And these are the big ones!

Obama looks so bad as President I almost feel sorry for him.  Even worse, I can’t believe there are millions of VOTERS, i.e. followers that haven’t a clue what an evil moron they voted for.  After all, they still blame Bush and Chaney for all of America’s problems.

Matt Drudge Tweeted today if President Obama was found to be corrupt, would America have the courage to remove the first black president?

So I started thinking…would we?  I mean, we’ve come so far as a nation to heal from our past of racism that when an opportunity presented itself to vote for a black president, bam, we elected a black president. Proudly.  Obviously from reading my posts you know I didn’t vote for him, but not because of his color, but because his ideology sucks!  I knew this president was going to be a disaster and I sincerely hope this is our opportunity to remove the worst president America has ever had.

But again I ask, do we have the stomach to impeach the president you thought was the “hope and change” we needed?  We have to stand together for the truth or none of us will be safe from the long arm of  government tyranny.  I say none of these things because I hate Obama.  I say these things because I love my country more and I want my children and grandchildren to live free.  Please keep praying for our nation and our leaders….especially those who only want the truth.

Now, where’s that IRS application….I’m starting a new group called Tea Party Patriots Who Love The Constitution and Want To See A Better America!






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