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The Boston Massacre…

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This Boston Marathon Bombing is another 9/11 nightmare!  How can anyone in their right mind commit such a calculating and horrendous crime such as this one?  Yet, many people who are not in their right mind aren’t even cruel enough to contemplate such a horrific act.  Furthermore, the people who committed this outlandish act have got to be psychopaths and/or antisocial personalities because this criminal act is clearly selfish and violates the rights of others.  This is a terrorist attack on America, and it was well thought out and devious, and the person or people involved in this bombing deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law.

The Boston Bombers, because I believe there were more involved than one single person, deserve severe punishment and a trial in a Federal court.  The trial will be in a Federal court because of the fact that it was a terrorist attack!  In my opinion, they deserve one trial, no appeals, and then executed.  This may sound harsh, but it’s essential because if we let these criminals stay on death row for 10 to 15 years, it’s going to greatly upset the American citizens.  The U.S. government must show the American people and the world that it’s not going to put up with terrorist acts under no circumstances period!  We are setting a precedent for future acts of terrorism in this country.  If we don’t take serious action against these terrorists, the next thing that will happen is there will be bombings in our Malls in America.  Look at most countries in the world.  They don’t put up with terrorist acts.  No, those governments take the terrorists, the ones found guilty, and execute them right away.  Here in America, at least we give the criminal a fair trial, and in my opinion they don’t deserve one if we know for sure that 100% the person or people committed the terrorist attack.  As far as I am concerned, once a person commits a capital crime like terrorism they lose all their rights no matter if he or she is an American citizen or not.

Finally, as a tax payer, why should I have to pay for a terrorist to live in prison for several years while they await appeal after appeal?  I believe, a life for a life, and if someone kills more than one person such like the Boston Marathon Bombing, they deserve death no doubt.   Someone at my job told me that these killers have rights.  What about the rights of the innocent kid that was killed at the marathon, where are his rights?  How about the runners that lost their legs or arms from the bombing?  Some of the victims they will never be able to run again because of these selfish, controlling, and antisocial criminals that made the decision that day to kill and maim several innocent American people.

I take this bombing as an attack on my country and people!  American’s love sports and marathons, and this bombing cut us at the heart of our people, so no, I don’t have one bit of compassion towards the rights of the bombers, not at all…  This world would be a lot better place with fewer of these types of criminals living in it!

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2 Responses to “The Boston Massacre…”

  1. jon414
    July 29, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    Great post

  2. Dixie
    April 25, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    I haven’t commented because I’ve been watching how the government is handling this…..and it isn’t good. This shit should not be happening, terrorist attacks that is. Political correctness is killing us, literally. CAIR runs our government and rewrites our manuals while liberty of the American people is being chipped away.

    Remember America, those who would give up liberty for a little bit of security deserve neither. Benjamin Franklin.