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Thank God for Bees!

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Sometimes it’s so easy to live life and to forget about being thankful for the little things in our world like bees. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that bees are small and insignificant; in fact, bees are very vital to our habitat and lively hood here on earth! Did you know that according to many studies bees pollinate approximately 1/3 of our food supply! We live day to day without even thinking about this amazing fact related to bees. God is so mind-blowing because He created such astonishing creatures such like the bees.

To show our thankfulness to the bees, we could plant a bee friendly garden with native flowers and/or vegetables or just start with sowing one bee friendly perianal plant that flowers year after year. I planted a beautiful “Butterfly Plant” which blossoms purple flowers in the front of my house. The bees visit my plant, and it is known that bees can fly as far as two miles a day to find flowers and plants. They drink the nectar and harvest the pollen, as they fly back to the hive, many flower beds, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens will get pollinated.

One of the largest threats to bees is the lack of habitat due to urban sprawl. Another menace is the flu bees can get; yes bees can get the flu like humans. This added with the fact that a lot of their food is now laced with a neurotoxin or neonicotinoid pesticides which knocks them out or disorients them. Fungal parasites or destructive mites are another stressor for a bee these days. A bee’s life span is two to three weeks, so they have a very short time to do a great deal of flying and a lot of work. One single bee is known to visit between 50 and 100 flowers on one trip from the hive. We have all heard the saying, “You are as busy as a bee”! This is a very accurate statement; thus, we need to respect bees and their environment because we actually depend on them for our survival. They are alive only a short time, to work, pollinate, produce honey, and to help humans with their food supply.

The good thing is that many University students across the nation and researchers are continually working on saving our bees here in America, so we as humans can continue to sustain our food supply.

Thank God for the bees…

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One Response to “Thank God for Bees!”

  1. Dixie
    August 9, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    Interesting post on bees, Yankee. I had no idea they only live for two to three weeks. I guess I’ll be more thoughtful when I swat at them while they are attacking my sugary drink!