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Stuck with Obama…America Unchanged…


Dear God

It is now 30 days until the election.  I pray for our leaders, that they understand the decisions they make and how they affect us.  Like when they give over their power to the Environmental Protection Agency to rule over us and how their over zealous regulations on our food, drilling for oil and gas, air and […]

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Stand Up And Scream!

Despite my comment last week that I would vote for an atheist over President Obama IF he loved America and the Constitution (I still stand by that); atheist organizations like Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are undermining our Constitution and threatening  our freedoms.   Have you heard about the latest threat from the FFRF? This organization […]


Fall On Your Knees

As we work together to “Recapture” America, I can’t help but feel a deep yearning to fall on my knees in prayer. I know many generations through the years have felt the same way. Our history has been a long struggle between right and wrong, good and evil but mostly, I believe, good.  Although I truly believe this coming […]