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Three Headed Eagle

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Dixie’s Manifesto

There seems to be a lot of “manifestos” written these days.  From the recent Dorner in L.A. to the guy who flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas.  Well, here’s mine. While reading the headlines on the Drudge Report recently, I silently cried out to God about the evil and depravity in the world.  […]

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It Is What It Is

Hello Yankee.  It’s been a looong week.  It’s been sad, frustrating, disappointing, devastating, and yet enlightening.   Today on this America’s Veteran’s Day, I’m still thankful that this is my home.  I’m thankful that this country produces some of the finest human beings who walk the face of the earth.  Yeah, I’m  still proud to be […]

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If I Were A Democrat

I would be wondering why I even voted for Barack Hussein Obama. My food and gas bills continue to rise. The economy is stagnant, and my patience is waning. As a Christian, I would have to wonder how I could vote for someone who believes, no worships the abortion industry.  How could I sleep comfortably […]