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Stand Up And Scream!

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Despite my comment last week that I would vote for an atheist over President Obama IF he loved America and the Constitution (I still stand by that); atheist organizations like Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are undermining our Constitution and threatening  our freedoms.   Have you heard about the latest threat from the FFRF? This organization based in Wisconsin has sent a threatening letter to the Walker County Schools in Lafayette, Georgia complaining that the football coach is allowing a local church to feed them a meal before the game! Oh, and the coach was seen PRAYING with the team! You can read the story here.

Their claim is ” Taking public school football teams to church, even for a meal, is unconstitutional,” FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel wrote in a letter to the district. “This program is an egregious violation of the Establishment Clause and must cease immediately.” Really?  Providing a meal by a local church is violating the Constitution?  Oh wait, this act created the We Support Our Football Players, Let’s Feed Them Church.

Or how about this story: the FFRF is threatening a lawsuit in Clifton Park, New York because the Shenendehowa Central Schools are refusing to remove some songs from their music program that have the words “god” or “lord”.  Surprisingly, the districts educators are not backing down.  One of the songs they dislike are “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”. You can read the rest of the story here.

In Texas, this same group tried to take down a Nativity Scene at a Court House in Henderson County  last December that has been a tradition there for over 35 years! The weekend of December 17, 2011, 5000 people, in a population of over 12,710, gathered in support for the Nativity Scene at the Court House.   I’m proud to live in a state that just isn’t going to let someone from Wisconsin dictate what we can put on our own damn court-house!

Or how about this. The FFRF and their “Cross Sniffers” travel around small towns demanding that any monument that has a cross on it be removed from public lands. If possible, out of sight all together.  “In April, TheBlaze first reported about the group’s demand that the monument be removed from public lands. As you may recall, one week after the story broke, a fierce response erupted, with an estimated 1,500 people assembling against atheists’ demands and in support of the monument.” Hallelujah!

And now this…….

We all remember  where we were that fateful day on 9/11 when America lost 3000 of her fellow citizens and her innocence.  We remember two days later when a beam emerged from the Twin Towers’ rubble looking like a giant cross.   It was as if God spoke to us saying “I Am with you even in your grief”.   It gave hundreds of firemen, policemen, and survivors hope and  comfort.  The cross is being included in the  National September 11 Memorial & Museum Foundation as well as 1000 other pieces.  That cross is now being challenged in court by the American Atheists.

The American Atheists claim, other than the usual “separation of church and state” garbage, the sight of the cross  ” would result in emotional — and possibly even physical — injuries among atheists who will feel anxious and excluded.”  Really! If you don’t believe in anything why would the mere sight of the cross cause you emotional injuries? Maybe because you sense real power in that cross, you feel the need to fight against it.  Or maybe the truth is just that powerful and you refuse to accept it. No matter, you are in the minority here and we will not back off.

Our Founding Fathers understood that a free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.  Let’s keep the cross at the museum as a memorial to all those who died that day and to all those who worked so hard in the days and weeks afterwards who saw just a little bit of hope in that image of the huge rugged beam shaped like a cross. To view more pictures of the cross and recent ceremony, go here.

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One Response to “Stand Up And Scream!”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    August 27, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Really? I don’t know where to begin… This whole issue about removing monuments with crosses and not allowing the cross to be displayed at the September 11th Memorial Museum is outrageously ridiculous and absurd! Can I say more, and yes I can… The (FFRF) refuse to carry the cross, so to speak, but to be quite honest, they also refuse to carry any other truth across America. They are too busy looking to start up legal issues related to the cross. Don’t they have something better to do like looking for possible terrorists that are living America? No, but they are hunting for crosses! They are continually attacking Christianity and why not Islam? What about the fundamentalist and radical Muslims’ who blew up the twin towers? The (FFRF) group seems not to care about them… Yet, they are so worried about fighting a battle to keep a cross out of the 911 monument after over 3000 Americans were brutally killed and several hundreds injured in the biggest attack of its kind against America on its own soil in History.

    Our Founding Fathers were Christian men; yes, they didn’t want religion to rule over government. However, they would allow a cross or a nativity scene in or on a court house grounds. This type of thinking is illogical and a little paranoid if you ask me… I know some people who are atheists, and they really keep to themselves and don’t really care if there is a nativity scene at the local court house. What is it going to hurt?

    Another example of the (FFRF) honing in on and focusing only on Christians is the fact that some public schools create rooms for Muslim students to be able to go and pray during the school day. What do the (FFRF) think about this? They better search out these schools and start protesting them. Why are they so afraid of the cross? Just as Dixie said to the (FFRF), “Maybe because you feel power in the cross, you feel a need to fight against it.” She is right; the (FFRF) organization is the minority here in America! Actually, they are the minority in the world, not just in America, so stand back because Christian’s in America are strong, and it doesn’t matter what their denomination. Furthermore, through many centuries, priests have used the power of the cross to cast out demons from unbelievers that are possessed by evil…
    There is strength in the cross, and I and millions of other Christians will lift the cross up, and refuse to take it down…