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SPEAK UP for MN Dogs & Cats RALLY

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What an amazing day yesterday at the Rally to support the MN Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bills S.F. 36 & H.F. 84!  I was at the Minnesota Capital for about three hours although the rally only lasted about one and a half hours.  It was extremely cold in Minnesota yesterday, approximately 4 degrees F., and I had to walk quite a way to the Capital.  However, it was worth all the effort to get there and back home.  Governor Mark Dayton spoke at the Rally and shouted that this type of bill is long overdue, and mentioned that he goes home every day to three dogs with wagging tails.  I say, “What about all those puppies, kittens, and adult animals that are physically and mentally abused by their breeders, how are they sleeping tonight?”  The authors of both Bills also gave galvanizing speeches.  It was articulated by several speakers at the Rally that Minnesota is one of the few States in America where there are no laws protecting dogs and cats in breeding kennels.  “Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies in the nation – with some breeding kennels housing 300, 600, or over 1,000 dogs. Kittens are also mass-produced in Minnesota.”  For this reason, we demand Minnesota pass tougher laws to protect dogs and cats in breeding kennels.   “David Backes (Professional Hockey Player) and Kelly Backes SPEAK UP for Minnesota Dogs and Cats and support S.F. 36/H.F. 84”  check it out on his YOUTUBE link

All major News Channels attended the Rally, and when it officially ended, I sought out my MN, Senator (Chris Eaton – 40 – MN Senate ) and House of Representative (Michael Nelson – 40A – MN House) in the Capital and State building to speak with them about the Bill.  I was stunned by how friendly everyone seemed that worked at the Capital.  Michael Nelson’s assistant Tim brought me down to a committee room where Mr. Nelson was, and asked him to come out and speak with me for a few minutes.  Both, my State Senator and Representative seemed to agree with the Bill.  My perspective was that they also thought this legislation should be passed because they both loved animals.  Representative Nelson is a hunter; thus, he mentioned he wanted a healthy hunting dog and not one that has been abused and malnutrition in a substandard and deplorable breeding facility.

“Animal Folks Minnesota” outlined the issue here:


There is no State law to license, inspect or regulate commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota, resulting in harm to animals, consumers and communities.


Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies in the United States with some of the largest breeding kennels in the nation – housing 300, 600 or over 1,000 dogs and puppies. Kittens are also mass-produced in Minnesota.

Many dogs and cats within these facilities live out their lives in small, overcrowded wire cages and are bred repeatedly. Their cages are often stacked, allowing feces and urine to fall onto the animals below. Animals may be malnourished from inadequate food and water, receive little or no veterinary care, are stressed from constant confinement and neglect, have fleas, worms, etc. Many have deformed paws, are severely matted, or are burned from sitting in urine and feces. And, they are rarely, if at all, provided socialization and positive human interaction.

While many breeders in Minnesota act responsibly, there are those who keep dogs and cats in deplorable conditions and are willing to make a profit at the expense of the animal’s health and well-being. The puppies and kittens are sold to the public and many are sick, diseased, and have genetic problems.”


H.F. 84 addresses the problem by giving the State of Minnesota the authority to:

· License – Require commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota to be licensed;

· Inspect and Enforce – Give legal authority to the MN Board of Animal Health to inspect commercial dog and cat breeding facilities and enforce existing State laws to ensure animal care standards are met; and

· Penalties – Impose civil, administrative and criminal penalties for those who violate the law.

The goal of breeder regulation is to promote healthy and safe dogs and cats.” (Animal Folks Minnesota, February 2013)

For more information, go to: www.animalfolksmn.org

Please be well informed and honor all Dogs and Cats in Minnesota and read the details below:

The Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill has been introduced for the 2013-2014 Minnesota Legislative session. (Session started January 8, 2013.) Bill numbers are: S.F. 36 (author Sen. John Marty) and H.F. 84 (author Representative John Lesch).

STATUS: H.F. 84 passed the House Civil Law Committee on February 13 (with one change) and now moves to the House Public Safety, Finance and Policy committee. Companion bill S.F. 36 awaits a hearing in the Senate Jobs, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.


The links below provide the bill language, bill status, authors/co-authors and other information applicable to S.F. 36 and H.F. 84 as each progresses through the Minnesota Senate and House.” (www.animalfolksmn.org)

S.F. 36

H.F. 84

If all the States surrounding Minnesota have laws to regulate and inspect commercial breeders so that dogs and cats aren’t harmed physically or mentally for financial gain, why doesn’t Minnesota?  I bought my Blue Point Rag doll kitten from a breeder out of Wisconsin. In the past, I would never have thought about buying a pet on-line, but after speaking with the owner via e-mail, I just knew it was a good place to purchase my kitten. I could tell that she really cared about the kitten.  She wanted the kitten to stay there for 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks, so she could spend time with the Mother and socialize her.  Sue sent me update e-mails every week with pictures and information about her development.  She was very articulate about everything, and sent me tons of things to read about caring for my new kitten.  At first, I thought she was too picky, but when I met her, I knew that she truly cared about her cats and kittens.  Sue even sent me an e-mail of what to bring when I pick her up.  It was a very positive experience for me, and my kitten, Venice, is very happy and playful.  I can see why Sue gets a lot of referrals to buy kittens from her.  She doesn’t sell kittens to people so that they can breed them.  Only after Venice has been fixed will I receive her official papers that she is a certified Rag-doll.

If you desire, buy a pet from a breeder, but please don’t look in Minnesota unless you know for sure it’s a reputable breeder that cares for dogs and cats.  Go to WI, or surrounding States to purchase a puppy or kitten until Minnesota makes it law to regulate breeders here!  Hunters go to WI, or IA, to buy a hunting dog and not here in Minnesota.  Stop the demand; therefore, these evil and inhumane breeders will run out of business!

SPEAK UP for Minnesota Dogs and Cats and support S.F. 36/H.F. 84…

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One Response to “SPEAK UP for MN Dogs & Cats RALLY”

  1. Dixie
    February 24, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

    Texas passed a similiar law last session, 2011. Most conservatives were nervous about over-regulating this industry. When you work in the legislature, you learn how to “follow the money” and see where it leads. The National Humane Society was heavily involved in getting this law passed. When you give to the Humane Society know that a major part of your contribution goes to pay for lobbyists that push for these laws and those that go even further. I learned from other lobbyists that the ultimate goal of the Humane Society is to ban pet ownership all together. I doubt that will ever happen but keep that in the back of your mind just the same.

    Now don’t get me wrong here, I love animals and have several cats, a dog, and a frog but there has to be a happy medium when regulating the mom and pop breeding facilities. Most “puppy mills” are eventually caught and we have animal cruelty laws already on the books. The bill Texas passed put a yearly fee on kennels which drove some out of business. I must say though, we have not had any complaints since it was passed.

    Oh by the way Yankee, why wouldn’t you think people at your Capitol weren’t nice? I welcome all people that visit our Capitol here in Texas, even when I don’t agree with their position. Everyone deserves respect and kindness. I’m glad your experience was a good one.