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Showdown for Freedom

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Once again Texas leads the way for liberty and freedom when it comes to having the stones to stand up for it. Enter Senator Ted Cruz. You know he’s doing something right when the mainstream media, the elitist politicians, even those in his own party made demeaning remarks to his face (and Senator Mike Lee’s face from Utah) and in public. Democrats and  republicans called  him a terrorist and an anarchist, and the president called him beholden to the Tea Party, read zealots.

You see, Senator Cruz stood on the senate floor and spoke for over 21 hours speaking against funding ObamaCare.  He spoke eloquently and passionately about what he believed and yes, I watched about eight hours of it! But because it was against our dear leader Obama, he is vilified in a public flogging of his character.

Since that speech, the Senate has not passed the bill to fund the government because the majority will not pass a bill that does not fund ObamaCare.  The president refuses to meet with any of the republican leadership claiming THEY are being childish and putting the country’s future at risk.  The solution from the Obama Administration?  Inflict as much pain as possible so the American people will cry out to the government to save us. Here are just a few of the outrageous government closings.

Closing the World War II Memorial on the National Mall with barricades. Luckily, another Texan, Representative Louie Gohmert was there to save the day.  According to the VA, 680 veterans die every day and they deserve to see the Memorial erected to honor them.   This government has closed the National Parks, closing 800 miles of the sea in Florida to fishermen.  Shutting down the Amber Alert Website (it’s been opened since some outrage ensued), Priests in the military threatened with arrest if they minister or preach to our troops.  Homeowners forced out of their private homes on Lake Meade. Communities in the Smokey Mountains are shut out of land donated to the feds to begin with from visiting grave sites within that park.  Oh, there’s more….

Cones put up on a road that leads up to Mount Rushmore so you can’t even drive by it to see it! These parks belong to the American people, NOT the fricken government! This is God’s Creation for crying out loud.  Cones and sand bags were brought up to Mount Vernon before the government realized this was privately owned and run!  But the president’s golf course is open!

Will you fall for this shit? Can you see through this political plan to blame the republicans?

This brings me to another thought.  Those federal workers who are actually “following orders”, do they know how ridiculous these orders are! Isn’t that the same excuse Hitler’s bureaucrats said? We are just following orders; we didn’t mean to load up those Jews on trains….yeah, just doing my job.

All this because of ObamaCare?  America is now run by the minority.  Fifty-six percent of Americans DO NOT want this government run, health-rationing, unaffordable, healthcare debacle.
ObamaCare is the largest transfer of power to the Executive Branch that has ever occurred in this country.  Along with it, your loss of freedom. Is a little healthcare really worth it? Stand with those republicans who understand what is really at stake here: Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and those in the House too large to list….except of course my own Texas Congressmen Louie Gohmert, he’s awesome!

Don’t fall for Saul Alinsky’s tactics to call names, single out your opponent and demonize him, after all, Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer.  This is not the party or the road you want to follow.







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One Response to “Showdown for Freedom”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    October 18, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    Amen Dixie, our National Parks, Monuments, Memorials, and etc… belong to God and the people but not the government alone! I don’t know the details of the “Obama Care” because I have been blessed to have health insurance through my employer at Target corp. However, that’s so ridiculous the government shut everything down, so should we the people have also shut down and stopped paying taxes?