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After visiting an Airstream Travel Trailer Dealer in Minneapolis, Sandra and I decided if we never find the “right” guy and remarry, we would go in halves and purchase one of these magnificent “silver bullets” (Airstream) and travel the countryside together in our old age.  While sitting in the 18 footer, we hatched a plan to fund our fantastic idea.  We created a reality show and our revolutionary approach would be cruising to small towns in America with our “silver bullet” behind us. “We will taste the local cuisine; experience the culture with an emphasis on history, politics, and the topic de jour.” While traveling in America we would challenge the locals to show us why people should visit their town. Our show would have been hard-hitting, informational, intellectual, lively, humorous, and passionate entertainment. After spending two years working on our “Pilot”, we submitted it and were rejected by several cable Network Companies. Frustrated and discouraged, our Blog was born.

Tina and Sandra D. (Silver Bullet Chicks) have been friends for almost thirty years, and they bring a unique perspective to various topics. Tina (Dixie) is a southerner with a real “Gone with the Wind” mentality, who works for a state senator in Austin, Texas.  Sandra D. (Yankee) has more of a diverse outlook towards various topics and works in credit fraud for a major corporation in Minneapolis, MN. Though Yankee and Dixie have had very heated and passionate debates with each other back and forth on different topics over several years of friendship, they have managed to stay close friends. Even though both of them differ on many opinions, they love America and feel that it’s slipping away from the initial values and beliefs of our forefathers. These deep seated values and beliefs we had is what made America great. Therefore, one blog at a time, Yankee and Dixie work to “Recapture America… “