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Rape & Guns

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Dixie, when I read your last post, it sparked me to write about Rape & Guns.  The first thing that came to mind was the classic movie, “Thelma & Louise”.  The two young women who were good friends took off in a 1966 blue Thunderbird convertible to escape their mundane working class lives and dysfunctional relationships with men for the open road.  At their first stop they ended up in a bar.  Thelma had too much liquor, so she went outside to get some fresh air.  She was escorted out of the bar to the parking lot by a filthy perverted man who appeared like he just wanted to help her.  After Thelma vomited all over the ground, she tried to go back into the bar to find Louise.  He backed her up against a car and forced himself upon her.  Just before that disgusting guy began to rape her, Louise showed up with a revolver in her hand, and advised him to let her go.   Because of a past experience with being raped herself and the fact she watched her friend almost get raped, it triggered rage inside of Louise, so she shot and killed him.  Then it all began, the Feds were on a quest across State lines to stop and arrest these armed and dangerous women.  They were armed but not dangerous…

My point being, morally, it was wrong that Louise shot and killed that rapist, but most of us would say that he did have it coming…  I faced a similar situation in my life when I was very young. Unfortunately, I didn’t escape the trauma of rape.  Even if I had a gun, it’s unlikely I would have killed the perpetrator because I was extremely frightened, naive, and so inexperienced with that type of horrific situation.  He could have also used it against me?  The most viable option is for women to be trained to handle a gun before anything horrendous happens to them.  Trust me; rape changes a woman’s life forever.  It’s very challenging for a woman to trust again.

I promote women to get their license to carry a gun!  However, no one should have a gun unless he or she has at least taken a fire arms safety class.  I took this training; it was unbelievable what I learned about guns and self-protection.  One very important point that I learned from a police officer which led the class was to never have a gun unless you are willing to use it.  The reason being is that if you have a gun and someone breaks into your house, and if you are too afraid to use it, the perpetrator may use it against you.  In that type of scenario, a woman must be tough and shoot the gun.  However, if you have a way of escape and are not backed up against a wall by him or her, get out right away and don’t shoot because you may very well be charged with murder or sewed by the one who broke into your home.  No matter how unfair it seems, it’s the law!  Be prepared, take the class and then buy a gun for protection.

 Women, protect yourself and avoid being in situations where rape could occur.  Be mindful of who you date, when and where you go, and know your environment.  Think about the friends you keep.   If you drink alcohol, bubby-up with a trusted friend for the evening, and never, never, never leave with a strange man.  Another thing, alcohol and guns don’t mix, so stay clear of any daunting circumstances such like happened to Thelma and Louise! 

 Women, have fun and take the fire arms safety class and then buy a gun for protection…

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2 Responses to “Rape & Guns”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    March 6, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Dixie, it is what it is….a hard reality! Women it is your right to protect yourself…

  2. Dixie
    March 4, 2013 at 9:56 pm #

    Well, once again I thank my lucky stars I live in Texas. We have the Castle Doctrine here so if some ahole breaks into my home while I’m in it…I’m not going to ask any questions. I’ll shoot your sorry ass. I am protected under the law to defend what is mine….and my friend, I’ve been robbed several times while I’m at work and the kids were at school. No, I have no sympathy for you, you who takes what doesn’t belong to you while I work to provide for my family! No ladies, buy a gun, go to the gun range and practice, practice, practice. You will probably enjoy the heck out of it. You are worthy of protection, don’t let the government propagandize gun violence….the cops will only get there in time to take a report or draw the line of chaulk around your body not to protect you. Those are the facts jack.