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Loss of a Pet

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The only topic that keeps coming back into my mind over and over again is the loss of my cat Paris after having her almost 15 years.  Americans love their pets, and I can honestly say that mine have been a huge part of my life, especially since I haven’t raised any of my own children.  Animals bring a lot of happiness to one’s life.  The elderly live longer when they have pets.  Children learn how to show compassion to animals and people by growing up with a pet in the household.   Single people don’t feel as a lone when they come home at the end of the day to be greeted by their dog or cat.  Couples without children, get pets so they have something to love and take care of together; ultimately it bonds their relationship such like having a child.  Having a pet is the American way!

The struggled to euthanize Paris was an extremely painful one for me.  I finally decided, after speaking to the vets, vet techs, friends, family and God, that it was time to put Paris to sleep.  It was four days ago, and in my soul, I felt obligated to make that decision.  It was for her, not for me.  Pairs had many major medical conditions, and twice daily I was giving her medication for blood pressure, diabetes, low potassium, no appetite, and in the end she was having difficulty physically bending to eat, drink, move around, and she completely stopped having bowel movements. This all initially began after her major stroke back in the beginning of February of this year.  She was very lucky that I was able to turn her around by giving her water and food with a syringe for one month, so that she was able to live another eight months.  She had “Quality of Life” for these months up until the last one.  It is very evident that there was some neurological damage from the stroke because of the fact that since that occurred, I had to give her a pill so that she would have an appetite and desire to eat on her own.  She also had Asthma for the last four years of her life.  Paris was a fighter, and she loved to curl up in her bed, purr, and stroll around the house.  She enjoyed life…

My cat Paris will always be remembered in my heart, and I believe she was created by God; therefore, the moment she passed away in my arms her soul went back to the creator over “Rainbow Bridge”.  Thus, I will see her again someday with my other wonderful pets…

Always, always, always, be grateful for every moment with your pets.  Love and care for them like family because once they pass from this life, you will never be able to touch and hold them again here on earth.  The hope that we all have is that we will see them again when each one of us passing over “Rainbow Bridge”…

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One Response to “Loss of a Pet”

  1. Dixie
    October 10, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    Awe. I’m sorry for your loss Yankee. I know it was a difficult decision but it was the right one….to ease the pain and suffering to Paris. I can’t believe she was 15 years old!

    I think most Americans can relate to such sadness in their lives regarding our hairy members of the family. Like I’ve already posted….it’s part of the American experience.

    I pray for you to be comforted during this difficult time.