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Jackie Chamoun go get the Gold in Sochi…

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Lebanese rally behind Olympic skier who posed nude

Here is a couple exerts from the article:  “BEIRUT (AP) The video of Jacky Chamoun that surfaced on the Internet as she prepared for the Sochi Olympics caused quite a stir in Lebanon, and exposed some deeper issues.”

“As far as her parents and the thousands of supporters who have jumped to her defense since a government investigation was ordered are concerned, Chamouns actions several years ago are the least of the country’s problems.”

My comment, pertaining to this article written by the “Associate Press” about Jackie Chamoun, magnifies the fact that doesn’t the government official’s of Lebanon have something better to focus on than to harass Jackie Chamoun their ambassador to the Olympics in Sochi?  So what if she posed topless for a skiing calendar?  First of all, it’s her personal business, and secondly, the fact that she is completely talented at Skiing and that she made it all the way to the winter Olympics has got to say something about her character and personality beyond her posing topless!  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it’s ok to pose topless, but we all are human and make mistakes.  Furthermore, we are not her judge.  Let’s look in our own closets because there is plenty of dirty laundry present…

Before today, I never knew Jackie Chamoun existed.  However, after reading this article about her being under attack by the government officials of Lebanon, I was so stirred to write about it.  As a result I posted on her facebbook page and this was my comment:

“What an amazing accomplishment to be a participant at the
Winter Olympics Games!  Who cares if you posed topless for a calendar in the
past.  We all do things we regret due to the fact that we are human and make
mistakes.  Lebanon is a beautiful country and the Lebanese are wonderful people,
but the government officials need to put their energy into solving all their
political issues instead of focusing on you!!! You don’t make them look bad,
it’s all the unrest going on there with the bombings and corruption that makes
the government officials look dirty.  So forget them and do your best in
Sochi…  I live in the U.S. so I am supposed to be cheering on my fellow
Americans at the games, but after hearing the news story about what you have had
to deal with from the government officials of Lebanon, now I am hoping and
praying you get the Gold!”

Why is it that some people try hard to destroy another persons dream for no reason at all?  Jackie worked extremely hard to make it to the Olympics, so why bring out that video to the public now.  It has nothing to do with her talent and determination in life for Skiing.  Forget it, and let the government officials of Lebanon start working on fixing more relevant political issues at hand.

Let’s focus on the Winter Olympics in Sochi and enjoy it…

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One Response to “Jackie Chamoun go get the Gold in Sochi…”

  1. Dixie
    February 16, 2014 at 1:59 am #

    I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the Olympics….maybe the ice skating, but I’m just not a big sports fan. I did hear of the young lady posing topless with her skies though. I believe all the turmoil is because of the Muslim population in Lebanon. Women are required to keep themselves covered up in public so this act would obviously stir up controversy. I don’t recall her saying this was a mistake though Yankee, maybe she did this to be a rebel!