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In Duluth, MN, Flood Killed Almost All Barnyard Animals at Zoo…

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REALLY, come on…  Keely Johnson, the zoo’s director of marketing and public relations said, “I think people are ready to go back to their routines and do what we do best: care for our animals and be a resource for the community.” (Duluth News Tribune, July 7, 2012)

What a joke, if their best is caring for animals, I would hate to see what they do worst!  Almost all the barnyard animals were killed by the flood, and the Polar Bear and seal escaped their exhibits to safety.  These animals have been placed temporary at the Como Zoo in St Paul, MN.  In my opinion, they should remain there permanently because I feel that the director of management, Peter Pruett, and any other executive in charge of Duluth’s Zoo should be held accountable and responsible for the loss of life at the zoo!

The zoo is located by Lake Superior, which is one of the largest lakes in America.  From the shore, it looks like an ocean.  In addition, it was the Kingsbury Creek that flooded the Lake Superior Zoo!   The first question I asked myself when I heard the news about the zoo was, “Didn’t the zoo have an evacuation plan?”  Someone should have been aware of flooding issues in this area, and those animals should have been evacuated ahead of time or during all the rain.  Where were they?  Maybe they were enjoying their dinner or out on the town while those barnyard animals drown to death.  Why didn’t the people in charge ask for the community to help rescue the animals, so they could have at least said,  “We did the best job possible under the circumstance for this type of catastrophy, to get the animals out of the zoo.   Because, I guarantee you, the people in the community would have stepped forward to help get as many animals as possible out of their exhibits, so they would have had a chance to survive.  In general people love animals, and they would have wanted to help them because I hear chatter all around me about how saddened they are about those animals dying with no chance to get out…   It’s so disgusting and it makes me sick that Ms. Johnson state’s the fact that she hopes that the zoo can go back to the business of being a zoo.  It appears to be just a business for them and money because they can easily replace the animals that have been killed.

In my humble opinion, they don’t deserve the privilege of having a zoo in Lake Superior.  In fact, they lost their right to care for animals again.  Now, I have a feeling that Dixie has an opposite opinion on this matter, and I am sure we are all going to hear about it soon…

So long for now…and speak up people…let the zoo know your view points on this terrible situation…

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2 Responses to “In Duluth, MN, Flood Killed Almost All Barnyard Animals at Zoo…”

  1. Erin
    July 18, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    Nice to see you writing about a topic you are passionate about! 🙂

  2. Jon
    July 11, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    You make great points Yankee