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I Can’t Drive 55

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Here in America, the speed limits are so restrictive as opposed to Germany where there is no speed limit on the Autobahn.  When I toured Europe, we drove on that amazing freeway, and there were cars passing by us at tremendous speeds.  The Autobahn was actually one of the good things Hitler initiated and it’s nothing like most of the other horror he created!  So whenever I hear Sammy Hagar’s song, “I can’t dive 55”, it makes me smile because no matter how hard I try, it’s a huge challenge to ease off the petal in my vehicle.  Don’t get me wrong, I have slowed down immensely in the past five years because I was pulled over two times while driving my Toyota Celica GT within a three-week period of time.  Believe me, the fines are nothing to laugh at because between the two of them, it was well over $300.00.  However, I did go to City Hall and dispute both of them!  They were brought down to a total of about $225.00.

Ultimately, I knew that the best thing for me to do was to slow way down and drive only 5 to 7 miles over the speed limit instead of 10 to 15 miles over it!  It’s in my blood to drive fast, and that’s probably one reason why God hasn’t blessed me with a 1968 ford mustang Shelby cobra gt 500 kr or a Lamborghini S.p.A because there would be no way on this earth that I could only drive 55!

For example, years ago in Austin, TX, I drove my friend’s car, a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro 1972 Coupe RS (rally sport).  The hot rod was customized with a souped up racing engine, and I took it out on the highway at night and was clocking about 110 mph.  I could have gone a lot faster, but it wasn’t a good idea to get a ticket for going that speed.

This weekend on the way to a funeral, after I wrote the first half of this post, guess what happened?  You got it right; I was pulled over for going 12 miles over the speed limit of 55 mph.  My Mother and her cousin were in the car, and we were all dressed in black.  It was on a rural road in Minnesota, and the deputy sheriff asked me how fast I was going, and I responded, “I think it was about 63 or 64”, but the real speed was around 67 or 68 mph!  My Mother’s cousin, Gloria, proceeded to let the officer know that we were talking and on a way to a funeral which was true.  He took my license and got back into his car.  He walked back to my car, and said he was going to give me a warning ticket this time but I needed to slow down.  I kindly thanked him, and we were on our way to the funeral.

It’s so crazy because I was talking about how I don’t go much more than 7 miles over the speed limit these days.  Quite honestly, I usually don’t go over 7 miles above the speed limit anymore, but the fact of the matter was that we were talking about past dysfunctional relationships with men, and my leg continued to get heavier and heavier.  Maybe, it’s the thoughts going through my head of my past relationships that caused my foot to accelerate the vehicle without my even realizing its impact.  Just a WARNING, please never talk about negative experiences with anyone in the car while driving.  Save those conversations for a safe environment away from any type of motorized equipment or vehicles.

I am back to driving 7 miles over a speed limit of 55 mph because it’s the law here in America, and those fines are expensive, plus, it also affects one’s car insurance rates.  In addition, it’s a safer speed to drive in this country of crazy motorists who continuously pull in front of you.  In America, being a defensive driver is crucial to eliminating car accidents, injury and death!

 Stay on the road and be safe…

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2 Responses to “I Can’t Drive 55”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    October 2, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    Yeah, there are some interstate hwys where we can drive 65, but this was a rural road in the country and it was 55. Thats why the Deputy pulled me over because I am not use to going 55!

    Oh yes, those were the days when you and I were much more free spirited…

  2. Dixie
    October 2, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    Ok, so ya’ll have to drive 55? That’s like the speed limit when Ford or Carter was president! Here in the great state of Texas we have speed limits up to 80 miles an hour on the toll roads. Going through the city is 55 to 65 but most highways are 75 mph. Texas is a BIG state…even when driving 70-75 it takes 8 hours to get to OK from Austin and 10 hours to El Paso! Imagine driving that at 55 mph!

    Back in high school, the guy I was dating drove a 1977 Monte Carlo. It was the last of the big engine cars made by Chevrolet. I took that beast down Hwy 77 late one night to see how fast it would go and I got the needle to go past the 140 mph and down to the R on the column. I guessed I was probably driving 160 mph….then I could feel the car ‘lift’ a little so I took my foot off the peddle! I too loved driving fast….used to dream of being the first woman Nascar driver! Anyway, after you have children the ‘wild’ side fades away some, but I still don’t drive 55 mph when I can legally drive 75. That’s brutal.