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“I applaud you……Rangers, for Protecting the Tigers”

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Poached-Tigers image from The Corbett Foundation

Dixie, I was thinking about choosing the topic of “Gun Control Laws”, but then after receiving an e-mail from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today about Rangers in various countries putting their lives on the line in order to protect Tiger’s from being poached to the point of extinction, I changed my mind.

This subject is very close to my heart!   Leonardo DiCaprio is also a big supporter of the World Wildlife Fund to save Tigers.   So Dixie, I am first going to give you a little background information about the huge dilemma related to the possible extinction of tigers due to the fact they are excessively being poached in certain countries, and the Rangers are on the front line to protect them.

Tigers are one of the most threatened species in the world.   It is well-known that over a hundred years ago there were over 100,000 tigers in the world, and now there are approximately 2,000 tigers in the wild according to many sources.  They have been poached for their body parts for Eastern Asian medicine.   “Individual poachers now get approximately $800 per tiger, but those associated with well-known established gangs can receive up to $5,000 per body received.” ( Nichols, Michael, and Geoffrey C. Ward. (1998). “The Year of the Tiger.” National Geographic Society. Print).  It appears that these tigers are worth more than gold because they are endangered, and these gangs can sell them on the illegal trade markets.  This is one subject I can write on and on about; however, let’s get back to the e-mail that I received today from the WWF.

In the e-mail, WWF asks its readers to send a “Thank You” e-post card today to the Rangers in celebration of “National Ranger Day”.   Furthermore, to demonstrate a gesture of thanks for all their hard and dangerous work, I sent an e-post card thanking them for putting their life at risk working on the frontlines protecting tigers in countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, and Etc… In addition, I told them how much I appreciate what they do every day to protect these beautiful tigers… They are amazing heroes!

When I think about what poachers and those lower than life people do to kill these awesome creatures that God has created, it makes me want to cry out loud from the deepest depths of my soul and tell them to Stop It…

All the Rangers just like ”Anatoly Belov, a Russian anti-poaching ranger was awarded the 2010 WWF Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal”, need to know that they are essential key players in protecting God’s creation, the tiger from extinction.

I ended by saying, “You have a great purpose on this earth for protecting God’s creatures and don’t ever forget it…”

“I applaud you……Rangers”

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One Response to ““I applaud you……Rangers, for Protecting the Tigers””

  1. Dixie
    August 2, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    Yankee, that picture is really disturbing.

    As you know, I believe that man has dominion over the earth and its animals but we have a responsibility to honor God’s creation. Not in the sense of animal or earth worship, that’s a twisted version of God’s plan but more along the lines of conservation in a responsible way. With that said, I agree that we need to stop the slaughter of these beautiful creatures. So I too give a shout out to those who have a kinship heart to save these tigers.

    I long for the day when the lion will lay down with the lamb.