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Colorado Massacre: Guns, Violence, and Rejection

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Dixie, first of all, may God bless all those innocent victims that were watching “The Dark Night Rises” movie early Saturday morning before James Holmes slipped into the theater in Aurora, Colorado, and began his violent shooting and killing rampage!

Sunday evening, I turned on the TV and watched “48 Hours/ Mystery” on CBS.   Peter Van Sant reported on a Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Weiner.  The Dr. mentioned that the major massive killers that he has interviewed in his career such like James Holmes are “shockingly sane.” (Colorado Movie Theater Massacre on CBS, July 21, 2012).    He also stated that Holmes’s motivation for killing is for notoriety and to be well known.  He continued to say that these people general feel inadequate and rejected, so they find ways to become famous no matter what the cost is to human life.  If that includes becoming a massive killer in order to be famous, then that becomes their ultimate goal in life.

James Holmes was a PhD student, worked at McDonalds, and he had only recently dropped out of school.  He is extremely smart, but I believe Holmes is insane!  What kind of sane person plans this type of massacre; it was premeditated and deliberate, and then he followed through with gunning down several innocent people watching the new Batman movie in a theater.  Furthermore, he also had booby trapped his apartment with a trip-wire, so that when someone opened his front door, there would be a huge explosion.  He was calculating and evil, and he was planning on killing several more people.  If the Dr. calls this sane, I would hate to see what he thinks a person acts like when he or she is insane…

Americans can blame Holmes’s behavior on various reasons, such as the violence in movies, easy access to guns, Holmes feeling of being inadequate, and/or etc…  However, gun control is not the issue because this type of individual would have found a way to buy guns even if they were all illegal to obtain.  Mr. Holmes had a goal, he desired to satisfy his ego, and he was on a mission to commit a heinous crime no matter how we all try and justify it.  Yes, I agree there is a lot of violence, vulgar language, and explicit sex in movies today.  Its extreme violence and nudity in the movies young people watch today.  That’s not a lie, and it’s pretty obvious to anyone living in America!  Furthermore, hopefully Hollywood will tame things down and change American’s fixation on violence and sex in future movies.

No matter what the cause for the horrendous theater killings in Colorado, James Holmes is solely responsible for his decision to carry out his calculating crime spree; I don’t care what his reasoning is for it.  There is no excuse for such evilness, and there will be severe consequences for his behavior…

Dixie, what’s your take on this heart wrenching calamity?

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3 Responses to “Colorado Massacre: Guns, Violence, and Rejection”

  1. Anonymous
    July 26, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Great article Yankee

  2. Anonymous
    July 25, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    Dixie, I agree, we are becoming a very sinful nation because we have taken God out of our schools and government! How can we be a morally just society without God? Our immoral society is the cause of most of the crime and violence in America, but in the case of the Theater Shooting in Colorado I believe James Holmes is insane!!!

  3. Dixie
    July 23, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    Although my thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims, I’m not entirely shocked something like this has happened. We live in a fallen world and until we recognize that, it is not going to change.

    As I watched all the news coverage on this shooting, it was refreshing to hear a commentator lament that this act was because America has a sin problem. I agree. We don’t talk about sin publicly anymore. We are lucky if we hear it in our Churches. This was evil, no doubt, but when is America going to remember and embrace her past. A past when our Churches were filled and we were a moral nation. But we have stripped God out of our schools and public life and yet we expect to somehow be a righteous people. Well it doesn’t work that way. We have to change the culture, turn from our wicked ways, and acknowledge God.

    I agree Yankee that our movies are aweful and that is part of the culture problem we have today. Let’s pray that Americans will see the bigger picture here, that we indeed have a sin problem.