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Killing the Infidels

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An Open Heart

As young as my children are, they have already experienced the deaths of two friends. Both have been to our house on several occasions so I had met them at some point.  Cancer has inflicted other acquaintances and ravaged others to the grave. We just don’t know what tomorrow will bring, or more importantly, whether […]

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The Case For Jesus

Awe the dog days of summer…..since it’s the hot as hell season now in Texas, we tend to do more chores inside instead of outside; except for the daily water run on what’s left of our potted flowers and a few sprigs of grass left in the yard.  I recently took a ‘staycation’ so I […]

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Blut ist dicker als Wasser

As I reflect on my recent trip to Germany, there is one major truth that leaps out at me, that the blood of family really is thicker than water. Returning home was a trip of a lifetime for me.  Germany is truly one of those romantic countries one must put on their list of places […]

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Yankee’s Norwegian Lineage

My Norwegian Lineage is traced back to Kvinnherad – Olve, Norway on my Mother’s side!  The featured image in my post is of my grandmother Ottillia’s second cousin Olav Nagell.  Olav sent this picture of himself to me.  He is wearing his Norwegian military uniform.  Olav was born and raised in Norway. The year 1802, In Kvinnherad, Norway, at a place […]

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Going Home

  I was born in W. Germany in a year not too long ago to a military father and German mother.  My dad re-enlisted when my mother was expecting just three months after I was born to make sure we had our crap together to make the move back to the states. Upon arriving in […]