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Modeling 1985

Wow, Dixie and I also agree on this blog post…amazing!

Dixie, through the 28 years we have remained friends, both of us have compromised on several issues.  I remember sitting up late at night; in fact, when you and I get together, we stay up all night until the sun comes up in the morning drinking red wine and debating about the heated topics of politics, […]


Compromise, it’s a word we hear a lot, just not in Congress

For political and other reasons, it should be a core value….to find the one aspect we can agree on then go from there. Obviously you cannot compromise  a value you hold dear like say, abortion. That’s right, I said it! But on things like the budget….yes, there should be absolutes that we can agree on. […]

Modeling 1985

I second that…Dixie… This is one topic you and I can agree on…

Many men fought and died and families killed in the name of “Freedom” from the Motherland-Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.  Because of our forefathers, the red, white, and blue, our American flag, flies high and proud in this free country today.  The legal separation of the American colonies from Great Britain became a […]


Happy Birthday America!

As a nation woven together by a common thread, the Constitution, let’s remember what celebrating July 4th is all about. Let’s remember what we have as a people. We have freedom. We have what people all over the world want. An innate desire to live free. To be what ever our Creator purposed us to […]