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American Airlines in the Top Ten Worst!

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Spirit, United, and American Airlines have been ranked in the undeniable top ten worst airlines in the world!  Is this hard to believe?  Absolutely not!  For years, every time I fly I am stuck with booking an airline ticket with an American Airline, and I hate it!  When I flew to the Philippines last January, my ticket was booked through Delta, and I was pretty happy with the service and flight.  However, generally when I travel, I fly on one of these three worst airlines, and I am very dissatisfied with everything about the flight and the airline.

Now, on the other hand, United Airline is ranked higher than Spirit, but it’s still in the top ten worst airlines.  “The North America Airline Satisfaction Study” was released on June 13; it shows consumers satisfied with US airlines.  This survey is by J.D. Power and Associates 2012, and “… involves more than 13,500 passengers giving their input between May 2011 and April 2012. Power scores airlines out of 1000 points with points being awarded for seven factors in this order of importance:  1.) Costs and Fees; 2.) In-Flight Services;  3.) Boarding/deplaning/baggage; 4.) Flight Crew; 5.) Aircraft; 6.) Check-in; 7.) Reservations”  Furthermore, in this same survey, they ranked United Air as the second worst airline In North America.

Finally, how did American Airlines score?  Here’s what Martin J Cowling has to say about this airline via this same Boarding Area Blogging site in his post, “Ten Worst Airlines-2012”, “More demoralized staff sharing their unhappy attitude with their unhappy passengers. Combine that with uncomfortable seats, old planes and disappointing food.”

My one significant experience flying was when I traveled to Europe in 1997.  My American Airline flight was canceled due to severe storms in Chicago, so they booked me on a flight with KLM, which is a Dutch Airline.  I hadn’t flown for years and when boarded the plane, I was amazed and in a trance.  It was clean, the flight attendant’s looked and acted very professional, there were TV screens in every row showing movies and flight patterns, and I was given a nice warm blanket and served beverages and food continuously throughout the flight.   I had never flown on any airline except American in the past.  The only problem was that when I flew back from Europe, I had to fly with American Airlines.  It was like driving a Jaguar and then being forced to drive a Smart Car.  The flight home was awful.  I didn’t like the food, the service was lacking, there was only one big screen for movies so a person had to stretch to see it, and the flight attendant’s looked and acted like they had just crawled out of bed.  I told myself after that incident to never fly American again when traveling overseas.

America is one of the most resourceful and industrial countries in the world but yet, we have the worst airlines.  Why is it?  A long with my own frustration with America’s Airlines, I hear many people continually complain about them as well.  They say, “If you are going to fly, don’t fly an American Airline!”  How can I disagree?  I can’t.

With the decline of morals in this country, it is also very apparent the decay of industry in America.  Let’s put more of our money back into this country instead of spending so much of it on countries in the world.  We need to focus more of our energy here in America.  Somewhere along the line, we have lost so much to foreign nations, so let’s get it back…

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One Response to “American Airlines in the Top Ten Worst!”

  1. Dixie
    January 23, 2013 at 7:40 pm #

    Well, since I hate flying, I’m just not the right person to judge the airline business. I only fly when it’s absolutley neccessary and with a valium to help the anxiety. I do know that right here in Texas, we hated the monopoly of the airlines and started our own, Southwest Airlines. I usually start there then catch the connecting flight out of Colorado since you can still find a place to have a cigarette and a drink like civilized human beings. Oh, and did I mention that “place” is INSIDE the airport, not in some cold, wet, alley!

    This issue of the quality of the airlines and their service has always been in the news and it seems it always involves the union. So I can only conclude that once again the Union and it’s over zealous demands have ruined a once great industry. I’m just sayin…..