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America needs the Humane Treatment of Animals in the Classroom…

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Today, I met with my Congressman Erik Paulsen’s Legislative Correspondent Assistant, Matt, and we discussed my proposal for “Animal Humane Education in the Classroom” at the federal level!  We had a very nice visit, and I found the meeting very worthwhile.   I am very appreciative of Congressman Erik Paulsen taking the time to have his assistant meet with me.  My passion for the humane treatment of animals is enormous, and the gigantic need for less violence in our society is essential.

The dilemma is two-fold:  First, America is one of the most educated and westernized countries in the world; yet, we have more of a predicament with violence/Crime and children being bullied in our schools.  Furthermore, part of the problem today is that approximately 60% of children are being raised in single parent households in America.  The single parent is also working very hard, so they don’t have much time to teach their children ethics, morals, and values.  Part two of the concern is the fact that animals are being tortured, abused, and disregarded as trash in America.  Here are some Stats from The Humane Society of the United States, “Animal shelters care for approximately 6-8 million dogs and cats that enter each year in the U.S. and 3-4 million of them get euthanized”.  They are euthanized by either gas or lethal injection!  How did this situation get so grave?

The key is that we have to start at the root of the issue, we need humane education.  We need to have federal laws that mandate the humane treatment of animals in all public schools K-6 grades in America.  All public schools that are government funded, K-6 grades, must teach so many hours of animal humane education in their classroom. If they choose not to teach it, their funding would be greatly reduced.  Let’s start now, so that we can begin to actually see some good results in the 5-10 years.  The major steps we take today are vital in creating and getting a Humane Education Bill passed into legislation and implemented as soon as possible.

The reasons listed below are why I believe it’s crucial to pass a Bill that mandates the humane treatment of animals in all public schools in America:


  •  “Pets are a part of childhood.  Almost 68% of households with children under age 6 and more than 74% of households with children over age 6 have pets. (American Veterinarian Medical Association 2007)  “A child in America is more likely to grow up with a pet than with a father.” (Melson, 2001)
  • “People who mistreat, abuse or torture animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes.” (Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) in Washington, D.C.)
  • “Humane education programs teach students how to be responsible citizens, from caring for their families, animal companions to taking action to prevent animal suffering, students learn to be compassionate toward all living beings” (http://www.teachkind.org/laws.asp)
  • Twelve States already mandate Humane Education in their public schools.  There are several more States that have “Humane Education Laws”.   Furthermore, many of the States in America also promote “Character Education” in the classroom.  Minnesota is falling behind when it come to Humane Education in America…  (Examples of State Mandates and Humane education laws, www.21stcenturycares.org/humaneedlaws.htm)

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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One Response to “America needs the Humane Treatment of Animals in the Classroom…”

  1. Dixie
    August 23, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    Well, I understand your compassion but I do not agree with a mandate from the feds. This idea of with holding money if a school district does not teach something in “social engineering” makes my skin crawl! What’s next, living a sustainable life style no matter the cost? No, I don’t like it.

    I agree with the premise on the connection between cruelty to animals and anti-social behavior but it is the parent’s job to educate their children. You assume because someone is raised in a single parent home that they are not being educated the way you think they should be. I’m tired of the government being placed in that role. They don’t belong there and never do a good job anyway. If the states want to incorporate it into their character education curriculem then so be it. It stays local.

    These types of behaviors cannot be tamed or controlled by secular education. This is a heart issue. A sin issue. Government can’t fix that.