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America In Spiritual Decline

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I can’t imagine what those parents are going through in New Town, CT.  The sense of great loss and deep sorrow.  I pray that God’s love will surround them and give them comfort during this difficult time.  That their faith will strengthen them and God will keep them in the palm of His hand.

No one will ever understand the evil that happened that day.  That young man chose to commit those acts.  Nothing more, nothing less.  This is not the time for more “control” over our lives but a time to return to what made America a great nation.  America is in spiritual decline and I hope out of this tragedy and those that have occurred in the past few years will finally wake us up to that reality.  What we see in America today is the result of taking God out of our schools, our government and our own homes.  I wrote about that simple little prayer said in our schools just last week, you can read it here.

I often bring up our Founding Fathers and their belief system when creating our Constitution.  It is really up to you to do your own research but let me help you out a bit!  When discussing the importance of their basic religious beliefs, Benjamin Franklin felt there were “fundamental points in all sound religion”.  These five points were  taught in school:

  1. There exists a Creator who made all things, and mankind should recognize and worship Him.
  2. The Creator has revealed a moral code of behavior for happy living which distinguishes right from wrong.
  3. The Creator holds mankind responsible for the way they treat each other.
  4. All mankind live beyond this life.
  5. In the next life mankind are judged for their conduct in this one.

These beliefs were sometimes referred to as “the religion of America” and they felt these fundamentals were so important in providing “good government and the happiness of mankind” that they wanted them taught in the public schools along with morality and knowledge.  The 5000 Year Leap. W. Cleon Skousen. pg. 77,78. 

America, it’s time to return to the morales that we have abandoned in the last 50 years.  To return to the Creator that had His Hand in our undertakings.  That is our only hope.  We must leave those ‘new age’ teachings of self-centeredness, moral relativism, and revisionist history.   We must stand for what is right, to not be ashamed any longer.  We are fighting for the soul of America, which will you choose? Good or evil.  In order to recognize that we must return to a belief in the Almighty.

Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States in 1831.  He was a French jurist that came here to write about our new democracy.  What he discovered was that America was a Christian nation.  He wrote a book about his findings called Democracy in America.  He describes the Role of religion in the schools, especially in New England.  Their schools incorporated the basic tenets of religion right along with history and political science to prepare the student for adult life.  He wrote:

In New England every citizen receives the elementary notions of human knowledge; he is taught, moreover, the doctrines and the evidences of his religion, the history of his country, and the leading features of its Constitution.  In the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, it is extremely rare to find a man imperfectly acquainted with all these things, and a person wholly ignorant of them is a sort of phenomenon. (pg. 327.) 

How far we have come America.  Isn’t it time we realize what is happening?  Let’s start at home.  Today as you hug your child remind them that they should strive to do something bigger than themselves.  That we will all someday be judged on how we lived on this earth.  Teach them to follow the “golden rule”…..to treat our neighbor as ourself.  Jesus.

Let’s also continue to pray for America so that the evil that surrounds us will crawl back in his hole.

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One Response to “America In Spiritual Decline”

  1. Yankeepolitics
    December 17, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    Amen Sister, “America, it’s time to return to the morals that we have abandoned in the last 50 years”, Dixie. Alexis de Tocqueville discovered that America was a Christian Nation in 1831, so how do you think he would respond if he were to visit our country today? He would be very disappointed in our political system and with the morals of our modern day society. Like Dixie stated, we are fighting for the good vs. evil soul of America! It shows itself to be true when we look at all the violence here in America today.

    Too many people in this country have forgotten about one of the Golden Rules: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”! This ideal has been kicked to the curb here in America. Otherwise, Adam Lanza, the mass shooter in New Town, CT, would have never ever made the decision to cause all that violence and havoc to the children victims and their families. My heart goes out to the parent’s of those small children that were gunned down in cold blood while they were at school! I also feel very sorry for the rest of the kids that had to witness the massacre, and now have been psychologically damage by its effects. If I were those children, I would never want to set foot in another school classroom. School is supposed to be a safe place for children, not a war zone… Our children need to be protected from Psychopaths, child molesters, and other dangerous people and violence! It’s not the gun that kills; it’s the crazy person behind it that makes the decision to pull the trigger! We need much tougher punishment for crime in the country because we are too nice to criminals in America.

    I don’t care about the reasons why Adam Lanza did what he did; there is absolutely no excuse for it! Even if he was bullied in that elementary school, there is no reason why he should have ever done what he did! He doesn’t even deserve a funeral and is an evil person who deserves to go to the bottomless pit… We all know that he was screwed up in the head, but why does society have to suffer because of it? There must have been some signs that he was severely disturbed, so why didn’t his Mother or anyone do anything about it?

    Let’s get back our morals in this country… If each person begins to behave toward his or her neighbor in a moral manner, we all would be a much happier and safer society in America…