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A Great Silence is Gone Forever and Never to be Replaced!

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America, it’s our country we deeply love and respect, but then why do so many people disregard its nature and habitat?  Why do humans exploit the waterways, highways, and the wilderness?  The other day, I read an article that was e-mailed to me by a friend, so I felt in my heart to write about it.  The article is about a man named Bernie Krause, and he has spent 40 years recording nature’s sounds (The Guardian, May 9, 2012).  Bernie Krause is known as a musician and naturalist, and he has recorded over 15,000 species in many parts of the world.   He puts his microphone below and above water.  His electronic music has been used in Hollywood on famous films such as Rosemary’s Baby and Apocalypse Now.   He also has been known to work regularly with Bob Dylan and George Harrison.  Through his music and nature sounds, he is clearly sending a message to us all.  It’s extremely crucial for everyone to stop exploiting nature and its species if we want our future generations to enjoy it!

“A great silence is spreading over the natural world even as the sound of man is becoming deafening”, Bernie Krause writes in a new book, The Great Animal Orchestra.  Through his recordings, it is evident that our environment has significantly changed, and parts of it have been destroyed forever.  Many scientists concur with Bernie’s theory that many species are becoming extinct very quickly since the “noise” or population of humans has soared in our world.  Of all Mr. Krause’s writings over the last 40 years about half of his recordings are in archive; due to the fact, many of the species from years gone past have become extinct.  Their habitat has been destroyed by disruption to their environment.  His tapes are one of the few pieces of factual evidence that we have available to today that could prove these species actually existed on our planet.

Furthermore, Krause stated that in the State of Hawaii there has been more species that have become extinct than anywhere else in the world.  In his article he stated, “In a couple of centuries since the islands were populated by Europeans, half the 140 bird species have disappeared.”   He also mentioned that in the last 20 years, he returned to the same spots, a dozen times, to record the sounds of nature.  Unfortunately, there has been a substantial difference in sound, or should I say, lack of it.  He also mentioned there are very few places in the world today that consist of the “Wild Natural World”!  Basically, he stated there are no humans to manage it, and its rich with natural sound.   These locations are in the Alaskan wilderness, Siberia, the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay, and the Brazilian Pant anal.

This is a grave concern, and no matter what your political view, we must all face the fact that if we don’t do something now to stop it, we could potential face the extinction of many more species and their habitat in future generations.  There are many good things about westernization, but only in the last century or so, since the Industrial Revolution, there has been a lot more devastation to our earth and life on it.  That is why I immensely appreciate some aspects of the Hindu religion because of how they treasure all forms of life!  Even when I was certified to Scuba Dive, the instructors continually stressed to always respect and not to touch the sea life while diving because it could affect their ecosystem.  All of us must cherish and appreciate nature, the species in it and then take ownership of it in our small corner of the world.  If you hunt or fish to eat, great, but don’t just do it as hobby to kill and destroy life!  Stop littering, and pick up trash if you see it on the ground.  Let’s protect and preserve the beautiful world, so ultimately, future generations will be able to see, hear, and enjoy it…

People, wake up and respect nature and its inhabitants.   Especially in America, we are a westernized society; there is absolutely no excuse for not being knowledgeable about these issues. Be mindful of all forms of living things.  One day it will be all gone, and it will be too late to recreate its magnificence and splendor…

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One Response to “A Great Silence is Gone Forever and Never to be Replaced!”

  1. Dixie
    September 6, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    I always have to question such extreme battle cries. If 70 birds have actually gone extinct in Hawaii, don’t you think we would hear of it every damn day? Yet I have not heard a word! Expecially in this over zealous administration and the EPA you would think there would be commercials every day about these birds and how we should not travel to Hawaii anymore because we are causing their demise. Like those global warming commercials about the polar bears…..we used to see them all the time but since their population has doubled those commercials are rarely seen. They no longer serve their purpose.

    What do you suggest Yankee? Since the EPA was created back in the Nixon Administration, our air and forrests are cleaner than the pioneer days. The Hudson River is so clean a once thought extinct barnicle has come back and is destroying the hulls of the ships that navigate that river! We reforrest our timber lands, we drive aluminum cars with airbags that are so unsafe and ugly by the way but boy I feel good cuz I’m saving the fricken environment!

    Yes, I hate it when people pull up into the grocery parking lot and leave their stinky diapers and fast food bags behind….even when there are trash cans around. That is just rude….rude to your beautiful state, and rude to the person that has to clean it up. We already have laws for littering, we just don’t enforce them well.

    You also seem to think the world is on the brink of extinction….I’m not buying that either. I’m a conservationalist and honor God’s creation…..but unlike the Hindu, I will swat that fly, stomp on that ant, poison the rats and squish that cock roach and feel good about it!