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A Conversation In Heaven

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A couple of years ago a friend of mine allowed me to print her post on a conversation she imagined Jesus and His Father had in heaven about her. It was so moving to me that it had a profound effect on my perspective of Jesus’ love for us. I’d like to share it again in hopes that it will also touch someone searching for the truth of what Jesus did for us on that cross:

Here we are in the midst of Holy Week. As we look forward to and prepare for Easter – Resurrection Sunday – let’s also spend time meditating on the significance of the events of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. We must be careful not to isolate or diminish any part of God’s amazing salvation story. It is toward that end that I write to you today, and it is my hope that what has blessed me will, in turn, minister God’s love to you.

I so appreciate that we share the Lord’s supper at ONEchapel during every service. Jesus instructed us to remember together his sacrifice for our sake, and once a week is certainly not too often. I want to make sure that partaking of the bread and the fruit of the vine is thoughtful, reverent, and meaningful each time. This past Sunday, perhaps because of my learning the Picture It! method of meditation during our 40 Days In The Word, something surprising happened. I consider it a gift. As I held the cup, I was thinking how MY sins thrust the crown of thorns on the head of Jesus, MY sins nailed him to the cross. My precious savior suffered and died; willingly he paid the price for MY sins. Suddenly, in my mind’s eye, I was set in a heavenly scene, allowed to overhear a conversation so intimate and profound that I could not help but weep.

And so, my dear sisters, I invite you to peek in on this scene and listen. However, every time my name is mentioned, please replace it with your own. For although we know that Jesus suffered and died, was buried, and rose again for the sake of all of us, his sacrifice and his love is personal. Yes, very personal indeed . . .

The Father and the Son are sitting on their thrones. They lean toward each other to speak privately. They are talking about me. “Son, are you sure that Suzanne is your choice? I mean, she is quite a mess. Just look at her!” “I know, Father. I’m not blind to her sin and rebellion. To me, she is a lost little lamb, and I want to rescue her from the brambles and the cliff and the wolf. I love her, and I want her for my bride.”

“I understand, Son, that your heart is filled with love, but consider the price you will have to pay to rescue Suzanne. First, you will be required to leave your throne of glory and humble yourself, taking on human flesh. You must identify fully with Suzanne’s humanity and enter into her world.” “Yes, I am willing.” “Then, you will have to live a perfect life under constant assault by the enemy, under every temptation common to man. You must dwell among sinful men. You will be a beacon of light and truth, but most will reject you.” “I know, Father.” “Eventually, the moment will come when you will have to pay the just penalty for Suzanne’s sins, taking her place.” “I am aware that I must be her sin-bearer and subject myself to execution, because the wages of sin is death. I am willing.” “Son, that will involve many hours of torturous physical pain and the worst kind of humiliation.” “I know, but what I dread the most is feeling the full weight of her sin. Because I love her so, the pain will be exquisitely sorrowful.” “One more thing, Son. I must turn away from you in that moment, because of my holiness.” “Oh, Father! Just the thought of it overcomes me with horror. In all eternity, there has never been a break in our fellowship. Yet, for the joy set before me, I am willing to endure the pain, the shame, and even the utter aloneness.”

“Son, take a long, hard look at Suzanne. Is she really worth so much to you? Such a high price must be paid for her, the cost of your precious life-blood. All she does is ignore you and run after false pleasures. Why do you value her so highly?” “Oh, Father, I clearly see her weakness, her helplessness. I see her drowning in a tempest of her own making. Yet, I know what she will become after I save her and set her upon the secure rock of my love.” “Tell me more, Son.” “Suzanne will be transformed by my perfect love and blossom into a beautiful bride, full of love and peace, all dressed in the purity of white. She will be faithful to me, and our fellowship will be sweet. I see her all radiant and victorious as she waits for me, her bridegroom, and for the marriage feast with much joyful anticipation. She delights me.”

“Alright, my Son. It is settled. She is chosen. I will embrace her and welcome her into our family. I can see Suzanne covered in your sacrifice, clothed in your righteousness. I will be her father, and I have set my love upon her.” The Father and the Son share a knowing look, wordlessly communicating so much, and they smile.

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