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Archive | July, 2012
Poached-Tigers image from The Corbett Foundation

“I applaud you……Rangers, for Protecting the Tigers”


Fall On Your Knees

As we work together to “Recapture” America, I can’t help but feel a deep yearning to fall on my knees in prayer. I know many generations through the years have felt the same way. Our history has been a long struggle between right and wrong, good and evil but mostly, I believe, good.  Although I truly believe this coming […]


A Time For Choosing

As I searched my heart and head for something to write today, I found myself on President Ronald Reagan’s Library website. I spent the next two hours just watching his speeches. I am amazed still at his humbleness and great leadership. A man who loved this country and the American people. Who saw nothing but […]

Big Government

The Era of Big Government is Over

So last Thursday, the Obama Administration released an “official policy directive” that basically rewrites the welfare law of 1996.  You know, the welfare reform bill that President Clinton likes to take credit for (see title). It gives the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to waive certain conditions. Without getting into all the […]